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A Guide to Cancun

Cancun is thought to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico and the world. The average temperature is between 27 to 35°C. The beaches of Cancun are stunning. They have beautiful sparkling seas and rolling golden sands.

The activities on offer in the resort are second to none, including water sports such as snorkelling, surfing, diving, and many others. If you enjoy more adventurous pastimes then this is the place for you, as there are many on offer including parachuting, and taking part in the wave runner.

There are a huge number of hotels, resorts and spas ranging from exclusive to very reasonable, with every type of cuisine, local or foreign. On a day off from the adventures on the beach there are some fantastic modern shopping malls with all the latest shops.

There are many excursions one can take to the surrounding area, for instance to visit the Mayan Riviera or Tulum, an archaeological zone near the sea. Cancun is a must for any holiday.
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