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A Guide to Portofino

The coastal village of Portofino has long been a charming fishing village. It is located on a small gulf amidst scenery of extraordinary beauty. It has made a popular retreat for the famous with people such as Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Nietzsche and Humphrey Bogart all once enjoying Portofino.

The area is now protected due to being home to some rare vegetation and a large number of animals and birds. The bay and village are ideal places for yachters to visit, however the harbor maintains an air of traditional tranquility. The white sands are tempting and if it is an excellent spot for divers as on the sea bed you can find the exotic red coral called the Carallium Rubrum.

The Abbey of St Fruttuso, the Sanctuary of St Giorgio and the Brown Castle are among the cultural sites of Portofino. Some of the surrounding walks make an ideal route for enjoying these monuments as well as the fabulous views over the harbor. There are also many boutiques, jewelers and artists workshops to be found.
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